UK companies operating in the same other metals/minerals industry

The list below has UK companies that operate under the same industry, other metals/minerals. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry such as RIO TINTO ORD GBP0.10 or those with the best price dynamics like FORTUNE MINERALS LD COM NPV, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Market cap
Change %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
98.23 B GBP73.5 USD+2.94%2.383 K0.8111.994.82 GBP−52.76%5.90%Non-Energy Minerals
RIORIO TINTO ORD GBP0.1098.23 B GBP5785 GBX+2.41%3.949 M1.1311.664.96 GBP−47.23%5.90%Non-Energy Minerals
0L8BSOUTHERN COPPER CORPORATION COM USD0.0177.283 B GBP123.90 USD+2.35%4.75 K3.6541.012.39 GBP−11.96%3.00%Non-Energy Minerals
AALANGLO AMERICAN USD0.5494535.814 B GBP2677.5 GBX+1.84%7.008 M1.58137.730.19 GBP−96.09%2.87%Non-Energy Minerals
ANTOANTOFAGASTA PLC ORD GBP0.0523.316 B GBP2365 GBX+3.55%1.378 M1.1934.760.68 GBP−28.47%1.22%Non-Energy Minerals
0R35CAMECO CORP COM NPV18.163 B GBP72.42 CAD+5.14%7000.07134.090.32 GBP+35.36%0.17%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
S32SOUTH32 LTD NPV (DI)8.95 B GBP199.5 GBX+1.68%269.731 K0.68−0.14 GBP−194.60%1.49%Non-Energy Minerals
4.273 B GBP6.20 USD+5.45%10.831 K2.95−0.38 GBP−115.84%3.64%Non-Energy Minerals
0A2NLYNAS RARE EARTHS LTD NPV3.433 B GBP6.996 AUD+0.21%3673.8632.410.12 GBP−29.15%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
0V9DNEXGEN ENERGY LTD COM NPV3.401 B GBP10.950 CAD+12.31%2 K1.41118.770.05 GBP0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
0AHJHUDBAY MINERALS INC COM NPV2.843 B GBP13.485 CAD+2.47%2.3 K3.8744.000.18 GBP+470.76%0.14%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
0LJQURANIUM ENERGY CORP COM USD0.0012.367 B GBP7.411 USD+4.71%72.9 K1.87−0.01 GBP−122.20%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
RHIMRHI MAGNESITA N.V. ORD EUR1.00 (DI)1.676 B GBP3555 GBX−1.66%8.385 K0.5211.942.98 GBP−31.30%3.98%Non-Energy Minerals
0URYDENISON MINES CORPORATION COM NPV1.581 B GBP2.954 CAD+2.22%3.195 K2.3850.150.04 GBP+181.82%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
0UU0ENERGY FUELS INC COM NPV864.64 M GBP8.420 CAD−1.17%1 K0.93−0.05 GBP−115.35%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
ADT1ADRIATIC METALS PLC ORD GBP0.013355737.393 M GBP243.0 GBX+0.41%60.942 K0.76−0.08 GBP−77.54%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
TKOTASEKO MINES COM STK NPV (DI)673.632 M GBP226 GBX+4.65%9.5 K3.1511.520.20 GBP0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
ATYMATALAYA MINING PLC ORD GBP0.075671.835 M GBP480.0 GBX+4.35%541.893 K1.7220.520.23 GBP+19.70%1.46%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
0UHCALTIUS MINERALS CORP COM NPV613.414 M GBP21.95 CAD+2.72%10.00115.600.11 GBP−70.02%1.43%Non-Energy Minerals
0UW4FISSION URANIUM CO NPV560.807 M GBP1.156 CAD+6.45%1.4 K0.04−0.01 GBP+7.00%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
CAMLCENTRAL ASIA METALS PLC ORD USD0.01411.105 M GBP226.0 GBX+2.73%497.189 K1.0513.740.16 GBP−51.17%7.96%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
0A61DISCOVERY SILVER CORP COM NPV293.439 M GBP1.216 CAD+8.48%13.3 K1.94−0.02 GBP+65.66%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
JLPJUBILEE METALS GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.01249.122 M GBP8.36 GBX+6.37%4.333 M1.1117.040.00 GBP−59.50%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
THSTHARISA PLC USD0.001 (DI)224.755 M GBP75.0 GBX+2.74%307.441 K2.025.48%Non-Energy Minerals
ECORECORA RESOURCES PLC ORD GBP0.02214.666 M GBP86.0 GBX−0.69%526.509 K0.77390.910.00 GBP−98.33%8.03%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
SLPSYLVANIA PLATINUM LTD CMN SHS USD0.01 (DI)180.505 M GBP69.0 GBX+0.15%841.509 K1.0015.610.04 GBP−79.81%8.70%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
0Q4CGESCO SE NPV167.338 M GBP18.05 EUR+2.56%2746.3112.271.26 GBP−49.76%5.56%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
0GYZNORDIC MINING ASA NOK12161.048 M GBP20.520 NOK−1.54%3330.33−0.01 GBP+64.19%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
SVMLSOVEREIGN METALS LTD NPV158.712 M GBP28.0 GBX0.00%1.278 K0.03−0.00 GBP+72.68%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
BSEBASE RESOURCES LIMITED NPV (DI)156.84 M GBP13.50 GBX+4.85%432.305 K1.63−0.03 GBP−258.02%23.53%Non-Energy Minerals
00G3LCOPPERSTONE RESOURCES AB NPV153.235 M GBP24.850 SEK−18.26%2.78 K0.79−0.02 GBP−49.38%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
0O6IPLATINUM GROUP METALS LTD COM NPV (POST REV SPLIT)150.203 M GBP2.270 CAD+14.07%1.2 K0.21−0.04 GBP−2.65%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
GEMGEMFIELDS GROUP LTD ORD USD0.00001135.749 M GBP12.15 GBX0.00%52.424 K0.36−0.01 GBP−123.10%27.85%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
BKYBERKELEY ENERGIA LIMITED NPV (DI)88.088 M GBP19.0 GBX−2.56%160.775 K1.97−0.00 GBP+88.86%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
KKODKODAL MINERALS PLC ORD GBP0.000312588.076 M GBP0.4350 GBX−1.14%14.188 M0.48−0.00 GBP0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
PDLPETRA DIAMONDS ORD GBP0.0005 (DI)85.449 M GBP44.0 GBX+2.33%199.561 K2.66−0.38 GBP−157.72%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
RBWRAINBOW RARE EARTHS LTD ORD NPV76.268 M GBP12.10 GBX+7.56%100.859 K0.28−0.02 GBP−206.90%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
ATMANDRADA MINING LIMITED ORD NPV75.062 M GBP4.75 GBX−5.00%2.355 M1.12−0.01 GBP+11.67%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
PREPENSANA PLC ORD GBP0.00166.995 M GBP23.2 GBX0.00%339.034 K0.55−0.01 GBP+72.14%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
AURAAURA ENERGY LIMITED ORD NPV (DI)66.3 M GBP9.50 GBX−5.00%213.562 K1.07−0.01 GBP−99.29%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
SAVSAVANNAH RESOURCES PLC ORD GBP0.0160.395 M GBP3.30 GBX−1.49%1.336 M0.76−0.00 GBP+9.09%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
PREMPREMIER AFRICAN MINERALS LTD ORD NPV (DI)56.272 M GBP0.1900 GBX0.00%50.062 M0.310.00%Non-Energy Minerals
0UYSGOVIEX URANIUM INC COM NPV CL48.394 M GBP0.1050 CAD0.00%3 K0.14−0.02 GBP−5.47%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
KP2KORE POTASH PLC ORD USD0.00145.163 M GBP1.060 GBX+11.58%6.996 M1.34−0.00 GBP+60.00%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
EUAEURASIA MINING PLC ORD GBP0.00141.536 M GBP1.450 GBX−1.69%2.041 M0.640.00%Non-Energy Minerals
0HH6AQUA METALS INC COM USD0.00138.874 M GBP0.4375 USD−2.82%5.6 K1.53−0.20 GBP−23.62%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
ARSASIAMET RESOURCES LTD COM SHS USD0.01 (DI)36.966 M GBP1.425 GBX+9.62%13.663 M1.93−0.00 GBP+20.83%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
CTLCLEANTECH LITHIUM PLC ORD GBP0.0136.291 M GBP25.00 GBX−1.96%437.487 K0.630.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
CUSNCORNISH METALS INC COM NPV(DI)32.56 M GBP6.00 GBX+4.90%19.432 M10.0672.250.00 GBP0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
0VKVTINKA RESOURCES LIMITED COM NPV30.603 M GBP0.130 CAD0.00%5.5 K0.53−0.00 GBP−32.14%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
FFARFERRO-ALLOY RESOURCES LTD ORD NPV30.201 M GBP6.25 GBX0.00%3.256 K0.020.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
PXCPHOENIX COPPER LIMITED (BVI) ORD NPV (DI)29.814 M GBP20.0 GBX−7.41%3.214 M1.06−0.01 GBP−61.29%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
EEMLEMMERSON PLC ORD NPV26.199 M GBP2.30 GBX−4.17%2.129 M1.640.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
0V7XMOUNTAIN PROVINCE DIAMONDS INC COM NPV23.897 M GBP0.206 CAD+11.11%50 K0.97−0.18 GBP−224.52%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
0UWGFORTUNE MINERALS LD COM NPV23.156 M GBP0.0600 CAD+51.52%127.579 K293.29−0.00 GBP+92.20%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
0UJNAVALON ADVANCED MATERIALS INC COM NPV(POST REV SPLIT)21.101 M GBP0.0650 CAD−27.78%700.20650.000.00 GBP0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
0TK7COBALT BLUE HOLDINGS LTD NPV20.667 M GBP0.0935 AUD−8.78%2.525 K0.23−0.01 GBP−31.40%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
MKAMKANGO RESOURCES LTD COM NPV (DI)(POST REV SPLIT)20.218 M GBP7.10 GBX0.00%1 K0.00−0.01 GBP+47.15%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
GEMDGEM DIAMONDS LTD ORD USD0.01 (DI)18.088 M GBP12.95 GBX+1.57%144.679 K0.38−0.01 GBP−116.18%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
GMETGOLDEN METAL RESOURCES PLC ORD GBP0.0116.808 M GBP16.0 GBX+1.59%406.823 K0.88−0.01 GBP0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
PPOWPOWER METAL RESOURCES PLC ORD GBP0.0216.601 M GBP15.000 GBX+3.38%21.652 K0.09−0.01 GBP+71.66%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
11SNFIRST TIN PLC ORD GBP0.00116.264 M GBP6.15 GBX−2.00%25.725 K0.04−0.01 GBP−84.78%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
0A4VCALLINEX MINES INC COM NPV(POST REV SPLIT)13.804 M GBP1.37 CAD+4.58%2000.54−0.04 GBP−1069.81%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
CLACELSIUS RESOURCES LTD ORD NPV (DI)12.793 M GBP0.610 GBX+1.67%00.00−0.00 GBP+23.13%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
GGLRGALILEO RESOURCES PLC ORD GBP0.00112.504 M GBP1.08 GBX−2.27%2.375 M1.80−0.00 GBP−2700.00%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
BBRESBLENCOWE RESOURCES PLC ORD GBP0.00512.491 M GBP5.76 GBX0.00%211.851 K0.32−0.01 GBP−24.14%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
KKRPZKROPZ PLC ORD GBP0.00112.47 M GBP1.35 GBX0.00%1460.04−0.00 GBP+72.73%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
KKDNCCADENCE MINERALS PLC ORD GBP0.018.498 M GBP4.30 GBX0.00%195.148 K0.350.00%Non-Energy Minerals
TTM1TECHNOLOGY MINERALS PLC ORD GBP0.0017.437 M GBP0.4750 GBX0.00%5.675 M0.62−0.00 GBP0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
AATNATERIAN PLC ORD GBP0.016.993 M GBP0.650 GBX0.00%430.916 K0.03−0.00 GBP+72.50%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
CCRCLCORCEL PLC ORD GBP0.00016.548 M GBP0.335 GBX0.00%1.589 M0.21−0.00 GBP+62.16%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
AAYMANGLESEY MINING ORD GBP0.016.301 M GBP1.50 GBX+9.49%706.245 K1.39−0.00 GBP−45.45%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
AAFPAFRICAN PIONEER PLC ORD NPV6.157 M GBP2.70 GBX0.00%174.774 K0.54−0.00 GBP−135.71%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
SSKASHUKA MINERALS PLC ORD GBP0.016.022 M GBP10.0 GBX0.00%82.975 K0.510.00%Non-Energy Minerals
BHLBRADDA HEAD LITHIUM LIMITED ORD NPV (DI)5.859 M GBP1.500 GBX0.00%281.206 K0.54−0.00 GBP+61.18%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
KKZGKAZERA GLOBAL PLC ORD GBP0.0015.389 M GBP0.575 GBX0.00%500 K0.89−0.00 GBP−37.50%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
RROCKROCKFIRE RESOURCES PLC ORD GBP0.0015.112 M GBP0.200 GBX+5.26%36.975 K0.010.00%Non-Energy Minerals
JAYBLUEJAY MINING PLC ORD GBP0.00014.97 M GBP0.330 GBX+10.00%39.422 M8.070.00%Non-Energy Minerals
UURAHURA HOLDINGS PLC ORD GBP0.00014.668 M GBP1.85 GBX+2.78%523.745 K0.43−0.01 GBP+73.75%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
AACPARMADALE CAPITAL PLC ORD GBP0.0014.26 M GBP0.725 GBX0.00%47.612 K0.060.00%Non-Energy Minerals
BBODBOTSWANA DIAMONDS PLC ORD GBP0.00253.92 M GBP0.350 GBX+7.69%724.786 K1.22−0.00 GBP−500.00%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
0V1IINTERNATIONAL LITHIUM CORP COM NPV3.6 M GBP0.0250 CAD0.00%00.00−0.01 GBP−88.68%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
0JVBLITHIUM CORPORATION COM USD0.0013.238 M GBP0.0360 USD−6.13%50 K3.40−0.00 GBP+68.65%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
TTYMTERTIARY MINERALS PLC ORD GBP0.00013.09 M GBP0.1200 GBX+4.35%6.707 M0.16−0.00 GBP+25.00%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
THRTHOR ENERGY PLC ORD GBP0.0012.831 M GBP0.900 GBX0.00%235.437 K0.78−0.01 GBP+29.94%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
CCDLCLOUDBREAK DISCOVERY PLC ORD GBP0.0012.431 M GBP0.400 GBX0.00%302.122 K1.07−0.00 GBP+78.45%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
VVASTVAST RESOURCES PLC ORD GBP0.0012.228 M GBP0.240 GBX−5.88%51.185 M2.10−0.01 GBP+94.89%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
SRESSUNRISE RESOURCES ORD GBP0.000012.031 M GBP0.0475 GBX0.00%126.755 K0.02−0.00 GBP0.00%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
RREEALTONA RARE EARTHS PLC ORD GBP0.011.193 M GBP1.38 GBX0.00%00.00−0.03 GBP+41.10%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
EUZEUROPA METALS LTD ORD NPV (DI)1.123 M GBP1.15 GBX0.00%75 K0.85−0.01 GBP+58.01%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
HZMHORIZONTE MINERALS ORD GBP0.2876.781 K GBP0.3250 GBX0.00%00.000.00%Non-Energy Minerals
CCMRSCRITICAL MINERAL RESOURCES PLC ORD GBP0.01849.442 K GBP1.20 GBX+4.35%161.437 K0.140.00%Non-Energy Minerals
UURUURU METALS LTD ORD NPV (DI)823.346 K GBP50.0 GBX0.00%00.000.00%Non-Energy Minerals
KKENKENDRICK RESOURCES PLC ORD GBP0.0003792.619 K GBP0.326 GBX−7.14%4 K0.03−0.00 GBP+84.48%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
FFMETFULCRUM METALS PLC ORD GBP0.0115.1 GBX0.00%60 K0.36Non-Energy Minerals
HHEXHELIX EXPLORATION PLC ORD GBP0.0119.3 GBX−1.28%1.822 M0.34Non-Energy Minerals
GGSCUGREAT SOUTHERN COPPER PLC ORD GBP0.011.90 GBX0.00%18.495 K0.10Non-Energy Minerals