Stock market sectors of United Kingdom

The table below shows sectors along with their overview and performance metrics such as market cap, volume and number of stocks. Research various sectors to find promising stocks.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Finance4.157 T GBP3.27%−0.36%2.944 M14613
Health Technology3.097 T GBP1.28%+0.34%164.541 K5256
Electronic Technology2.931 T GBP1.24%−0.38%307.556 K9211
Technology Services2.596 T GBP0.61%+1.33%62.648 K4277
Retail Trade1.155 T GBP1.36%−0.36%713.758 K1099
Consumer Non-Durables1.108 T GBP3.45%+0.05%856.951 K9108
Producer Manufacturing1.096 T GBP1.55%−1.38%44.17 K9197
Energy Minerals1.069 T GBP4.57%−1.03%2.929 M4117
Utilities936.24 B GBP3.59%+0.52%923.271 K464
Consumer Durables865.014 B GBP2.31%−1.45%728.389 K888
Non-Energy Minerals842.545 B GBP3.82%−0.35%537.051 K6245
Consumer Services795.815 B GBP0.89%−0.87%197.785 K9119
Process Industries655.623 B GBP2.00%−0.70%49.153 K8100
Commercial Services533.653 B GBP1.55%−0.83%780.606 K5145
Transportation510.731 B GBP2.40%−0.80%43.675 K659
Distribution Services496.881 B GBP1.70%−0.82%2.725 M464
Industrial Services486.214 B GBP3.60%−0.51%10.894 K579
Health Services390.481 B GBP0.99%+0.18%7.772 K432
Communications376.336 B GBP2.16%+1.26%5.467 M319
Miscellaneous9.351 B GBP4.44%−0.31%1.292 M23250
Government152.156 M GBP0.23%+0.65%2011