Portfolio Table

niceboomer Updated   
A tool to manage your invested assets (stocks, crypto currencies, ...).
- Show profit of every asset as well as the total profit.
- Show/hide a bought price line on the chart if the current selected ticker is on your portfolio.
Release Notes:
Updated displaying bought price line logic.
Release Notes:
Highlighted current selected ticker in the table with orange color.
Release Notes:
Added "PnL Weight" column to compare the ticker's profit with the total profit.
Now you can look at this column to find out which one is the most profitable and which one is the worst investment in your portfolio.
Release Notes:
- Added more columns for target price and target PnL (can show/hide these columns on screens).
- Added 1 more column for RSI (EMA). If RSI >= 70 then color = green, RSI <= 30 then color = red, otherwise it uses the asset default color.
- Added 1 flag to show minimum columns only.
Release Notes:
Added ability to change various colors of the table.
Release Notes:
- Now it shows only 5 columns in Minimum mode, so that we can view the table on mobile phones as well.
Release Notes:
Added ability to shrink RSI value to a smaller value (80% of its original value, by default) to be less impulsed by the RSI signals.
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