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First of all I would like to thanks Nitish Sir for teaching us the concept of SRT, which proves to be an excellent tool for Investing.

  • In a year, there are around 248 to 252 trading days .
    On dividing the same by 2 we get 124. Even 125 / 126 can be taken.
    We get SRT value by dividing Nifty Spot with 124 SMA value & SRT is applicable on Nifty in a Day Chart.
    This value ranges in between 0.6 (Low) to 1.38/1.4/1.45/1.5 (High).
    Ideal Entry in a stock will be at 0.6, which is very rare. You tend to buy at 0.7/0.8/0.9/1.10.
    Exit from a stock will be at 1.3 - 1.5.
    However generally we get a value of 0.8/0.9 and we should start investing 20 % of our capital that we have planned to invest. For every 0.1 decrease in SRT Value, we should add 20% to the stock portfolio.
    Start Booking Profit if SRT value above 1.35 & book 50 % of the portfolio when SRT value is 1.45.
    For Traders, as an when SRT value comes to 0.8/ 0.9. Buy when Hilega Milega gives us a clear BUY signal on Monthly Time Frame.
    Stock bought at SRT value of 0.6 tend to double in a year. It generally quite rare to see a SRT Value of 0.6.
Release Notes:
Just added the Daily India VIX value to the Info Table.
Release Notes:
Just corrected the VIX value as was facing some issues in the previous version.
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