NNFX Exposure Utility

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This tool allows the user to manually keep track of how much of their account is currently exposed to each currency, and keep that information handy and organized on the chart as a table.

It is specialized for NNFX traders who are trading all the pairs among the 9 major currency crosses: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, SGD, USD.


Before you take a trade, you should open the indicator settings for this indicator and check off which currencies you are about to go long and short on. Here are 3 trades taken as examples:
  • If you go long on EUR/USD with 2% risk, your exposure is 2% long on EUR and 2% short on USD.
  • Then if you go short on GBP/SGD with 2% risk, your exposure is 2% short on GBP and 2% long on SGD.
  • But if you go long on SGD/JPY with 2% risk, your exposure would now be 4% long on SGD and 2% short on JPY. This is against your rules if you are trading the NNFX way. So this tool allows you to see when you are about to accidentally overexpose yourself to any currency pair.
Release Notes:
  • Added the Total Exposure column
  • Resized column titles to match Total Exposure column
Release Notes:
  • Removed the Total Exposure row due to visual glitches.
Release Notes:
Fixed bug: USD row not working

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