Adaptive VWAP Stdev Bands

simwai Updated   
Heyo, here are some adaptive VWAP Standard Deviation Bands with nice colors.
I used Ehlers dominant cycle theories and ZLSMA smoothing to create this indicator.
You can choose between different algorithms to determine the dominant cycle and this will be used as reset period.
Everytime bar_index can be divided through the dominant cycle length and the result is zero VWAP resets if have chosen an adaptive mode in the settings.
The other reset event you can use is just a simple time-based event, e.g. reset every day.

I think people buy/sell when it reaches extreme zones.



Credits to:
@SandroTurriate - VWAP Stdev Bands
@blackcat1402 - Dominant Cycle Analysis
@DasanC - Dominant Cycle Analysis
@veryfid - ZLSMA
(Sry, too lazy for linking)

I took parts of their code. Ty guys for your work! Just awesome.
Release Notes:
Updated default values
Added cycle divider
Removed the option to show previous VWAP
Fixed that min length was not applied on a specific adaptive length algorithm
Fixed wrong smoothing method in tooltip description of "isSmoothingEnabled"
Added trading signal labels
Release Notes:
Removed 34 max length in Homodyne Discriminator

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