TSG 5% Daily Calculator

This is a calculator I've created to help visualize Target and Risk Levels based on leverage use to trade crypto.

How to use it ?

Basic Use:
- Set the Direction of your trade - either Long or Short
- Set the Leverage you use in your trade - it is crutial to define the risk and target levels
- Set the Risk Amount you want to risk (in %) of your total balance ( Advised 2-3% )
- Set the Target Amount you want to profit at the target (the idea of this is 5% daily, so 5%).
- Set Entry Price if you have opened a position, and you will visually see your progress. Otherwise the levels will be adjusted to the Close of the candle.

- Set your Initial Balance - to help you visualize on the Table your progress
- Set your Current Balance - for visualization purposes on ongoing trades and on the Table
- Entry Date - Advised to set it when you open a trade - you will be tracking the progress of your trade since the candle on which you opened it
- Show Table - to show the table of 5% daily and the target it is set on per day
- Table Size - Set table to be small or normal
- Together with the Table you have a big blue area behind that ends on the day you will become a Millionaire based on the Initial Balance, Current balance and Target % in your inputs
Release Notes:
Few minor aesthetic fixes here and there - you'll notice when you see it.

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