Triple Oscillator Combo(RSI,StochRSI,MFI) Illuminated

This oscillator basically is three in one oscillator with every overbought/oversold condition on different levels being illuminated/highlighted in the oscillator background for ease of spotting potential trade opportunity .

Oscillators involved :-

1. RSI ( Relative Strength Index )

2. StochRSI (Stocahstic Relative Strength Index )

3. MFI ( Money Flow Index)

Tip :

a. While spotting bullish / bearish divergences, RSI is recommended more than MFI .

b. While spotting oversold/overbought conditions, MFI is recommended more than RSI (that is why MFI oversold/overbought conditions are
highlighted much brighter than that of RSI in the oscillator background).

c. Always use Stoch RSI with other indicators and never as a stand alone/independent (use Stoch RSI as grain of a salt) as it just helps you position
your entry exit better .

> You can always change configuration in setting/format as per your own requirement.

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