India 14Y yieldIndia 14Y yieldIndia 14Y yield

India 14Y yield

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Maturity date
Jan 19, 2039
Time to maturity
A graphical representation of the interest rates on debt for a range of maturities.

Frequently Asked Questions

India 14 Year Government Bonds trade at 98.178 INR. See more price dynamics on the chart.
The current yield rate is 7.032% — it's decreased by 0.34% over the past week.
The current yield of India 14 Year Government Bonds is 7.032%, whereas at the moment of issuance it was 7.988%, which means −11.97% change. Over the week the yield has decrased by 0.34%, the month performance has showed a 0.10% increase, and it has fallen by 2.37% over the year.
Maturity date is when a debt comes due and all principal and/or interest must be repaid to creditors. For example, the India 14 Year Government Bonds maturity date is Jan 19, 2039.
You can buy India 14 Year Government Bonds through brokers — choose the one that suits your needs and go ahead. You can also purchase bonds directly from the issuing organization. Closely track the price dynamics and market news before making any decision.
A bond is a debt security issued by a corporation or a government. By buying bonds, investors loan the issuer money in return for an interest rate. By issuing bonds, the state receives funds that can then be injected into the economy, and corporations raise funds for new research or other operational activities. The alphanumeric code of government bonds represents the abbreviated name of the issuing state, as well as its time to maturity. For example, India 14 Year Government Bonds is the India government bonds with the maturity of 14 years.
Bonds can be of various maturities, e.g. short-term (less than three years), medium-term (four to 10 years), or long-term ones (more than 10 years). So India 14 Year Government Bonds are long-term bonds — they have the maturity of 14 years.