Angel broking is near to break the 2-month-old resistance level.

Price has completed the corrective wave 4.
If the price doesn't break the 3rd wave's high, then the corrective wave will begin. Furthermore, the 4th wave can be extensive (between the range of 1014 - 1475).

The target for Swing Traders:
Target 1: 1525
Target 2: 1632
Target 3: 1764

The target for Day Traders: 1455-1479-1490
Comment: I had written in bold words today at 9:04 AM, "Target for Day Traders: 1455-1479-1490".
Trade closed: target reached: Angel broking's first swing target of 1525 has reached.
It has made a new high of 1570.
Comment: Angel broking's second swing target of 1632 has reached.
It has made a new high of 1643.85.
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