Apollo Tyres Good buy for Investment.

I am sharing Apolotyre for the long term investment .
Keep in mind that it is a vision on a monthly chart, so it probably has a time horizon of years.

It generated a great bullish momentum from 2013 - 2015.
After this abrupt rise, we see a great corrective process that lasted from 2015 -2016
After that a huge upside move seen from 2016-2018 and
then we saw a huge correction from ATH and it lasted frm 2018- april 2020.

Now its rebounding.
The next resistance zone is 194-200 level.

So it may be a good buy for the tgt of 200/226/248/265/298

Good buying Zone may be 160-170..

Disclaimer: Ideas for learning Only.

Learn Regularly. NOT Occasionally.
Comment: 3rd tgt achieved.
Comment: From 184 to 256