Auropharma - Gabbar is Back@800 -Part 2

Do check the 1st part as mentioned below

800 -Selling The Tops - Click the Video Idea

Targets Below 800




Below 760 -745 - If the action is severe then target shall get extended to 730-735 zone only below 740-745 zone - Any move later holding 740-745 zone can be seen as good bounce zone for upside.

Thanks for the watching the video and your precious time.
Trade active: 09:15 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price@801

Consider this selling only below 800 mark
Trade active: 09:18 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price@804

Risky Traders Can be buy for 813-815 zone above 800 mark.
Trade active: 09:25 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price@806.15

Do not ignore "Minor Double Top@807-807.50 - crossing that it is likely to touch 813-815 zone which was the prior high -where we sold at 815 -if you have not forgotten that level else

Don't go in buying only sell - Taking care of your risk management.

Trade active: 09:30 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price@803

What a fall from 807 - Target done partial profit booked at 807

Trade active: 09:48 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price@801

Wait for the bells to ring at 800 - Fall from Minor Top@807 -Wow!

Trade active: 10:37 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price@ 789

Falling from 807 -Wow! we had 20 bucks in downfall.

785-786 is the resting zone where currently it stopped -above that -it shall do disco dance - did you check that earlier idea " disco dance"

Next fall below 785 levels.

Trade active: 10:59 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price@788

Holding 785-786 as suggested before few mins back - we can expect small upside to 793-795 zone

where selling can resume back or selling resumes / re starts below 785 -786 zone.
Trade active: 11:24 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price@691

Book Partial Profits in small buy call at 691-692 as going below 690 -selling risk will be more
Comment: 11:25 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price791

Sorry for using wrong figures - "691" instead of "791" all figures starting in "6" to be considered as "7"
Trade active: 11:45 Hrs 227th Nov 2018

Last Price@791

No more selling at current levels as bounce can continue holding above 790-791 zone


We shall wait for selling only below 785-786 zone next
Trade active: 12:49 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price@788

Bracket of 794-795 yet again was nice to sell as suggested before -it puked to 787-788 zone which is slightly above 785-786 zone

If it goes below 785-786 then selling else welcome bounce can happen again.
Trade active: 13:03 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price@ 789

Lokkkkkkkkkkkkkk at the bounce from 785.10 just now -this time along with India Nifty 30-40 points - Auro tablets - Wow!
Comment: 13:13 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

India Nifty Update -

Remember 10650 level -suggested in last video idea zone 10625 -10650

Do not go long exactly or close to 10650 - wait for 10675 to cross for 30-40 odd points upside or

Below 10650 -look to sell when everyone is selling -I mean you can red color easily.
Trade active: 14:03 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

India Nifty Update

Risky Traders Selling Right at the Top@10675 - suggested an hour back at 13:13 Hrs IST

Trade active: 14:06 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price@782

Auropharma - "Tera kya hoga kaliya"
Trade active: 14:12 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price@ 781

Halting Exactly at 777-778 - partial profits booked next selling below 777-778 zone

Trade active: 14:40 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Last Price@785 -

Welcome bounce & we are back at 785 - As suggested 30 mins back - next selling only below 777 -778 zone

Comment: 14:49 Hrs 27th Nov 2018

Nifty - we have closed all positions and shall wait outside but auro we are back in the bounce from day low@777.
Trade active: 12:49 Hrs 28th Nov 2018

Auropharma - Last Price@788 - Keep an eye

Let us get ready for the show - in corrective bounce left yesterday from 777 -778 zone -it kissed level of 790-792 zone today -28th Nov 2018.

Going below or staying below 785 -786 zone - action likely re-starts - keep an eye

India Nifty - Last Price@10751

As suggested earlier in the last nifty video - next spot to sell will be 10750-10775 - our stops have to be strictly 10775 and above - Today's high - 10757
Trade closed manually: 13:26 Hrs 28th Nov 2018

Auropharma -Last Price@786 - Selling suggested below 785 -tops at 790's likely

India Nifty - Selling suggested between 10750 -10775 in last video idea -High for the day 10757


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