Bank Baroda - Pandora Box opened with WXY Evil@177

Wow! - 177 - looks to me more evil. The Box 175-177 Kissed.

What an impulsive fall from 191.70- but later making a low at 163 -it was all pandora's box which opened so far as WX out of WXY structure as an alternate which I am moving in present case -instead of impulsive 12345 which I thought to be the primary case earlier.

Post 163 - the whole up & down move took almost 30 days as compared to the fall from 191.70 high to 163 low which was done in 7 days so I am thinking it is more evil WXY -where Y is the next leg which could start in next trading sessions.

Moving below 170- likely it should move in the next leg down so we need to watch the next session carefully. Risky Traders can look for a bounce above 174-176 as selling opportunity with strict stops above 176.50

Trading Strategy
Scenario- 1 Risky - Selling on the bounce between 174-176 with strict stops above 176.50 for targets 153-157

Scenario-2 Selling below 170 for target 153-157 & touching the trump trendline.

You would love to read my previous update- All the below mentioned analysis are nested analysis- you will find earlier analysis inbuilt

Sorry for the repeated analysis

Picking the top close to 191.70

Buy setup for possible 175-177 zone

Bullish Crab at 157 for 170+

Crab opens account @158- Done & Out at 177
Trade active: 15:23 Hrs 30th March2017

Last Price@173.65

Sold close to day high as suggested between 174-175 with strict stops above 176.50
Trade active: 10:25 Hrs 31st March2017

Last Price@172.80

Going below 170 likely we will be in better position for downside move for selling done between 174-175.
Trade active: 10:52 Hrs 31st March2017

Last Price@172

172 gets broken

Next support 170 which can act as temp support for a bounce if happens.
Trade active: 12:28 Hrs 31st March2017

Last Price@174.15

Wit Strict Stops above 176 - if you can afford to take 2-3 point risk then sell or look to sell below 170.
Trade active: 19:22 Hrs 4th April2017
Last Price@172.40

BOB is struggling to go down & flirting in the zone 170-172 so likely we can expect a push up & decide further for selling from the top means close to 175-176 with stops above 177.

Trade active: 18:42 Hrs 5th April2017

Last price@174.55

We got the push to 176.30 & it turned down to close at 174.55- Here we have no risk as entered at high again.

Trade active: 12:23 Hrs 7th April2017

Last Price@172

for some stop losses might have run as it was 2 Rs - Risky Calls are like that only - they take your stops & run in your favour again.

We will not hurry up either we will wait for bounce again or sell below 169 later
Trade active: 18:55 Hrs 9th April2017

Last Price@168

Our stops were run out by small amount of 1 point at 176.50 made high at 177-177.50 later BOB puked even below 169 which looks weak with 177 as critical level.

Trade active: 20:27 Hrs 11th April2017

Last Price@174.70

Last Price@174

Bounced & retraced 80% of the fall from 177 - deep retracement - we will wait for BOB to start falling below 174- if it starts then we put stops of day high & trade short -& later it should dip below 170 also then it will confirm that BOB has some weakness.
Trade active: 10:43 Hrs 12th April2017

Last Price@172

Current Low@171.25

Happy -It falls sharp here as well & update yesterday below 174 -looking to sell.

Trade active: 10:45 Hrs 12th April2017

Last Price@172.30

Kindly Book Profits if you can't take risk of selling more.

Going below 170 -only now it falls next
Trade active: 10:03 Hrs 13th April2017

Last Price@176

Keeping 170 intact downside - it pushed again up close to previous highs of 177. We shall be looking for selling opportunity on weakness on topside
or Going below 171 break of mini double bottom - we will sell later.

Trade closed manually: 18th April2017


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