Flag on bank nifty

As per Trading View policies, I can't post 1-3-5 min charts but based intraday charts, bnf is creating a flag pattern with decreasing stoch . It could break anywhere.

If it goes up, it would sustain only above 28665.

It could open gap down or maybe no gap and in which case, I feel like it will go downwards once it crosses 28433 otherwise it would be range bound within 100 points.

I feel like it will go down (maybe for within intraday or for a shorter period) as it is trending since 5th March breaking all time high as well.
Secondly, it is creating downward flag on 1, 3 and 5 min Charts with decreasing Stoch
and momentum

What are your views? Let me know :)

Thank You, Happy Trading

Disclaimer: I am not a registered broker or analyst these are only my opinions based on current market and I am not responsible for anything based on my idea. Do your own research before trading.