Bank Nifty Weekly Analysis 3

Here is my analysis for coming week.

I would suggest be careful on coming Monday as only 3 days of trading this week, Market would be more volatile this Monday.

- If market open gap up, be careful and trade only if it creates a candle (after confirmation) above 30400 to R1 (shown in chart)
- If market opens gap down, it could easily go down 70-100 points or maybe more

If it goes below S3 and S4, Then we will see a big downfall.

Personally, I feel like market would go up. It is a temporary pull back after a 2 days long and +500 point movement.

You could go and check my previous posts and confirm my analysis success rate and confirm it by yourself :)

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Thank You, Happy Trading

Disclaimer: I am not a registered broker or analyst these are only my opinions based on current market and I am not responsible for anything based on my idea. Do your own research before trading.
Comment: As you can see, this week bnf got down and tried to broke and sustain below s3 but couldn't and moved up.