BANKNIFTY has still target 30000, not believing for continue.

Exactly, I have predicted BANKNIFTY entry and target as 29777 by gravitating price line, CLICK HERE to see full.

The Gravitate price is being played such as magnet which has a yellow color with a number to . If you see it closely from left to , you can understand that it will perform as Resistance role for BANK NIFTY .

As per the gravitating price, bank nifty has still target 30000, and 30032-30078 will be profit booking zone.

The Gravitating price nearby, we might have price rotation OR pullback.

Don't overlook the BLUE channel, which is still active. If its move 30000, then there is not the meaning of blue channel.

  • A long bull candle was formed on the daily chart .
  • The important event of next month.
Comment: ACCURATELY, BANKNIFTY made high????
See what is this, 30032-30078 will be profit booking zone.
Trade active: from high 30057 (short selling range) bank-nifty fall 29530...!
It was accurate.... !
30032-30078 will be profit booking zone


What is the level for buying for bank nifty future?
ankit_prajapati HemangiWorlikar
@HemangiWorlikar, wait for market opening madam then decide
HemangiWorlikar ankit_prajapati
@ankit_prajapati, ok thank you. Today i need money for fees. Can you suggest me any stock to watch?
ankit_prajapati HemangiWorlikar
@HemangiWorlikar, see tcs near resistance area
HemangiWorlikar ankit_prajapati
@ankit_prajapati, ok let me keep open in my watch list, is there any level to short it?
I am nill in position. Gravitte price explanation is nice.
HemangiWorlikar HemangiWorlikar
@HemangiWorlikar, market going to open in negative... Should buy in opening?
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HemangiWorlikar HemangiWorlikar
@HemangiWorlikar, i need some money kinnari, please suggest me, your analysis alway perfect
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patel27 HemangiWorlikar
@HemangiWorlikar, trading and doing analysis is Total different. Even if you know direction of trand, you can't make money due to fear. .
@patel27, just send me private message, i ll show you screen or pic of my trades.
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