Banknifty Zone trading 07-Jan-2020, a small example.

Its easier when you trade fut and not options with zones. Also its best when its a usual day with fewer global news.
Comment: 1:1 RISK/Reward in on chart right now.
Comment: Nifty at zone low, if its unable to break through, will book whatever profit i get
Trade closed: target reached: booking 50%
Comment: nifty momentarily came down, but it doesnt closes below the zone in the next 3 mins, will book full
Trade closed: target reached: booked full
Comment: Just look at what i missed! DAMN!!
Was not expecting that sudden fall
R/R of 1:5?? That's a good trade missed because of skepticism.

Comment: entering short right now, is probably not a good idea. It may get stuck at Lzone
Just incase, anyone has a positional bullish view on markets, The_RedTicker says, NOW IS YOUR TIME TO THINK.

Comment: entered nifty 12150 ce @ 25
Comment: *weekly
Comment: exited the ce with small profit (more like breakeven)
and then took 12000 pe and exited with a small profit. I am just enjoying this volatility