Worth more than a PENNY STOCK.

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It's more than PENNY STOCK. Let's take a dip dive in last 10 years operations of the company.

Technical Side:-
Current Market Price is 120. Previous all time high is 121 on 11-jun-2010. It already surpass it easily without any trouble upto 143 level. And now its hovering around at support level to consolidate itself. Also taking a deep breath to fly and achieve further higher level in near future. Up to which levels it climbs, is not clear but surely will surpass to all your imagination. So better you won't try to see or set future price of the current multi-bagger. Let allow them(speculators) to do there job with full potential.

Fundamental Side:-
Last series D funding in 2010, company's valuation estimates at $300M during funding from private equity investor. Just to brief in 2010 company's sales was at 384 cr , operating profit at 60 cr (15.62% of sales revenues) and net profit at 33 cr (8.59% of sales revenue & 55% of operating profit). and now in 2021 company's sales was 2856 cr , operating profit at 865 cr (30.38% of sales revenue) and net profit at 483 cr (16.91% of sales revenue & 55.83% of operating profit). And recent estimate of 2021-2022 given by company,we are taking a conservative side total sales revenue will 4982 cr , operating profit at 1528 cr (30.67% of sales revenue) and net profit at 869 cr (17.44% of sales revenue & 56.87% of operating profit). For simpler view it describes in table form as below.

Year Sales Revenue OPerating Profit Profit EPS
2010 384 cr 60 cr 33 cr -
(15.62% of sales) (8.59% of sales & 55% of Op. Pro.)
2021 2856 cr 865 cr 483 cr 7.61
(cumulative sales- (30.38% of sales) (16.91% of sales & 55.83% of Op. Pro.)
growth of 20% over 2010)

outlook of 2021-2022 given by company, data on conservative side
2022 4982 cr 1528 cr 869 cr 8.4
(cumulative sales growth- (30.67% of sales) (17.44% of sales & 56.87% of Op. Pro.)
of app. 22% over 2010)

Recent RoE of the company is near about 16.45%. RoCE is more than 21%. Free Cash Flow is more than 500 million Rupees till Q2 2022.Each company have ups & downs in operations. Its natural thing. But now all things are getting steady in favour of company's operations & its reflecting in the performance of the stock. Thanks to the management for the breath taking decisions and exploring new opportunity for the growth of the company. Below are few triggers for the stock in near future.
1)Announcement of Daum case settlement, which is already done but final paper work is going on.
2)Announcement of Q3,Q4 result for record sales revenue & profit growth. Which company given in outlook of company for 2021-2022.
3)Announcement of AGM for the year 2020-2021 with any new decision taken by management.
4)Announcement of acquisition of large company having 1,100 work force. And is in the negotiations stage of Share Purchase Agreement.
5) Last but not the least, future acquisition in USA, of newly adopted Brightcom Audio division lead by Mr Satish Cheeti.

You can do your own work before investing. All the best and fingers are crossed.
Point no 4 of Acquisition announced. Point no 3 of AGM announced. 0.05 dividend subject to clear by shareholder.
Being in USA for a healthy time, Mr Reddy is doing something about acquisition thinking or process in new Brightcom Audio Division (point no 5). Here is link.
Today AGM completes. According to discussion in AGM, New acquisition is in process for Brightcom Audio division(most probably in USA, I guess). We’ll shortly get Letter of Intent info in couple of weeks. And also give updated RoE is 20%.
Point no 5 fulfilled. Procedures are started to acquired audio firm integrated with digital advertising in us location with $95 million in cash & $7.5 million in stock. So now downside is capped for stock. Cheree's for that and new potentials for upside opened. Details are revealed. Stay connected with rocket...
Guys, elephant always walks in his own mood & style whatever happens around. Sit tight enjoy your ride. Bonus record date is March 26,2022. Now stock is in radar of mutual fund houses.

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