Bhel could be a good candidate for short term investment pick, the stock fell to 78.6% retracement of the last rise and then developed positive divergence in rsi along with trendline breakout with good intensity of volume , and most probably now it's going up to make higher highs and higher lows, bkp is also formed in daily time frame, once it crosses mid bollinger then it would be a more effective as presumed, there are little resistances at 55.25 & at 60-62, above that it can fly more freely towards 100+ range.

Wave Structure is likely to be
Retracement levels
Macd in daily positive crossover and Uptick
Bullish rsi divergence
Rsi Uptick in daily
Rsi Uptick in Weekly
Bkp is formed in daily
Breakout with Good intensity of Volume in daily
Breakout with Good intensity of Volume in hourly

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