TOP (7|8) Altcoins Pairs To Boom Next on Binance!

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Starting a few weeks back we are seeing strong bullish action coming from the small-cap. altcoins on all major exchanges.

We saw really strong action taking place first on KuCoin, then Bittrex and Binance are also showing some pretty strong numbers for many pairs.

Yesterday we saw THETABTC go beyond the norm, while SOLVEBTC did the same.

Today we also have many strong pairs such as ARDRBTC, HCBTC, OMGBTC, and NASBTC.

Now, the altcoins market is really big and there are thousands and thousands of coins.

The market moves in cycles, the pairs in groups they jump.

After seeing what we are seeing now, there is surely more to come.

Here I would like to share a few altcoins pairs that I saw while looking to earn a buck.

Below are the TOP (7|8) Altcoin Pairs with great potential to break up strong.


Populous | PPTBTC

This one already made the first move but I believe it can resume and even grow more based on the signals I am getting from the chart and also based on the market cycle, the bullish action we are seeing in general, and years of experience reading charts.

Mithril | MITHBTC

This one is yet to start moving.

Fantom | FTMBTC

I shared multiple charts for this one and also the trade... I always get the feeling that this will be strong... The chart technicals also support the feeling that I get when I look at this.

The chart here looks stronger than the previous two since FTMBTC fully conquered EMA50 and is clearly setting above
AirSwap | ASTBTC

See here... The same basically as the first two:
The last four goes as follow (these were not organized in any specific order):

Walton | WTCBTC
Red Pulse Phoenix Binance | PHBBTC
Voyager | BQXBTC

High Potential Altcoins + Altcoins Market

I looked at all these charts and many look quite similar to those that are producing huge green candles recently.

This is not to say that these will necessarily boom but that the signals coming from the charts are pointing to such an action, remember that the charts are always changing.

There are many more altcoin pairs of course, all across and many more that are looking really good, I know...
There are actually way too many, more opportunities than the ones we can take.

Here is my final question... Which one of the Binance altcoins pair is your favorite to BOOM next?

Share with us in the comments section below.

This is Alan Masters!

We also look at the BIG altcoins but these move slower because of their bigger market cap.

Those we trade with and without leverage... Below you can find our most recent charts ideas for these:

🏆 ADAM20 (+141%)

🏆 EOSM20 (+43%)

🏆 LTCM20 (+61%)

🏆 BCHM20 (+68%)

🏆 XRPM20 (+32%)
🏆 TRXM20 (+44%)
Thanks a lot for the support.
I'll be responding to all comments soon.

Share your which altcoin pair you believe will boom next!
Several of those on this list are already moving...

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The following is a list of the 8 pairs we shared here:

ASTBTC (Green/Positive)
PPTBTC (Green/Positive)
MITHBTC (Green/Positive)
FTMBTC (Green/Positive)
Walton | WTCBTC (Green/Positive)
Red Pulse Phoenix Binance | PHBBTC (Green/Positive)
Voyager | BQXBTC (Green/Positive)
TAEL | WABIBTC (Green/Positive)

All the pairs are green/positive since sharing.


Thanks a lot for your continued support.


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