Bitcoin Peak Prices Since All-Time High @$20000 (Lower Highs)

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Let's take a look at Bitcoin's ( BTCUSD ) peak prices since ATH in December 2017.

  • First, we have Bitcoin's All-Time High ( ATH ) sitting at $19891.99.

  • A higher low hit in June 2019 at $13868.44.

  • Then we have a recent peak in February 2020 at $10522.51.

  • On the 30th of April, another peak was hit at $9478.66.We are looking at lower highs.
    We have no higher highs.

    Bitcoin is likely to drop.

    Note: Another jump can happen and the chart can easily change.
    If the major purple trendline is broken then Bitcoin can do more up.

    Additional information (more analysis on chart signals and indicators)

    Bitcoin , Watch Out For The Drop (Where To Next?)

    Bitcoin Drop Starts Now?

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