Can't Say You Weren't Warned... Bitcoin Going To $5,000?

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The cryptocurrency market is filled with amazing people, extremely smart and open-minded but also ultra-bullish, and it is surely un-popular to post/write/share that Bitcoin will drop.

Being an eternal Bitcoin Bull, I've learned this through experience over time and if you post lots of "bearish/short" analysis for Bitcoin , the public stops reading what you wrote and dislikes your analysis even if it is useful/valid.

Like it or not, we trade for profits and do not become attached to any specific results, so when we saw the signals came out, we quickly rushed and posted that Bitcoin would drop... See it here | Bitcoin Aims At $8,888, How Long Before The Drop?

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Bitcoin Aiming Lower | $10,000 Will Break | Where To Next?

Now, how much lower you think Bitcoin will go?
Share in the comments section below...

Thanks a lot for reading.


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