The Bitcoin Trip! + Altcoins

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar

There you have it folks, just a small correction (ending in a higher low) and Bitcoin resumes growing... Once more showing that Patience is the key.

This is not set in stone though, nothing is specially when looking at charts, they are always changing.

Our main support on the 4h timeframe based on my previous analysis is set at $55,000, this is our main level.

We continue strongly bullish above $55,000 but we also stay bullish above $50,000 and $48,000 and even $35,000+ depending on the timeframe. This one here is for short-term.

  • Long-term Bitcoin is ULTRA BULLISH , without a doubt.

  • Mid-term Bitcoin is SUPER BULLISH , for sure.
  • Short-term Bitcoin is battling the bears, consolidating while trying to go up (mixed but favoring the bulls).

How far do you think prices will reach on this Bitcoin trip?

I mean, I remember saying myself that Bitcoin would retrace when it was $15,000... "It doesn't matter what happens, it has to retrace".

We are seeing a lot of the same today.
Many people are declaring that Bitcoin must go down just because a certain price is hit... This has now been confirmed as untrue, as BTCUSD looks better and better every week.

Keep in mind that the charts are always changing; 
We do not trade here, we focus on the altcoins.
We focus on high potential rewards and low risk.
But you can trade any pair, any chart, if you have a plan to help you succeed.

The Altcoins are also growing... Today we have trending, XVG and ETC vs BTC .
There is so much more of course... Which of your favorite altcoins you want me to share this week?

Leave a comment and we will see.

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