BitTorrent 2nd Entry - Trade Fully Explained [BTTBTC](136% PP)

One of our criteria for BitTorrent to move lower has been met, which was a close below 24 satoshis. So I thought that instead of sharing a full analysis, it is better to share a FULL TRADE (2nd Entry) so that those that missed out on our first and second wave can profit from the next one.

Before we start, let me tell you that our previous trade remains active and in profits. All that is required to continue earning from this trade is pure patience. As soon as the retrace is completed, BTTBTC will resume its climb up.

Knowing this, here I am sharing a full trade so that you too can profit from trading this marvelous altcoin project... So perhaps you can hit LIKE now if you want to, and we can get started!

BitTorrent ( BTTBTC ) Trade Instructions by Alan Masters

BUY: 21-23
(This is our main recommended buy-in range. You can wait for BTTBTC to be within this range in order to buy-in.)

(This is where BTTBTC finds support if the price falls below our main buy-in price, a second entry. We can use this level to buy more or simply for reference.)


(1) 27
(2) 32
(3) 37
(4) 43
(5) 47
(6) 42

(These are the levels where we sell for profits. There are many different ways and strategies on how to approach these targets. Our main strategy for beginners is to sell a portion of our holdings at each target. More advanced strategies can be used for seasoned traders.)

Note: It can take days, weeks or even months for a trade to fully develop.
Not all targets are meant to be reached. My main goal is to provide you with a good entry which creates a good position. You can sell as much as you want as prices move up and fully close your trade when you are satisfied with your profits.

STOP LOSS: Close daily candle below 17 satoshis.
(If the trade goes bad, this is where we stop cut our losses and if enjoy this altcoin, we can later look for a new entry lower .)

(This is the recommendation of how much of your trading capital you should apply to this trade. Naturally, you can use as much capital as you want but I am a big advocate of diversification to reduce risks and increase potential rewards when trading altcoins.)

Note: These are all suggestions and recommendations. You can always modify these to suit your own unique lifestyle and trading style.
All the information here is shared for learning and entertainment purposes only. This is not financial advice.

Finally, I close my trades with a Spirit and Soul lifting message in the hopes of sending you good vibes and positive energies...


Patience is key when you start to trade.

Patience is necessary if you want the right decisions to make.

So sit down and relax, breath deeply, and join me once again.

I will be here offering my support... Together we know we can achieve success.

Patience my friend... It is the first quality really needed to win in this game.

Comment: Target #6 should read 52 satoshis.


(1) 27
(2) 32
(3) 37
(4) 43
(5) 47
(6) 52
Comment: I can see the comparison between KEYBTC and BTTBTC, but there are some differences to take into account.

I received several messages telling me that KEYBTC dropped and BTTBTC will do the same.

BTTBTC dropping is definitely a possibility, that is why we have a stop loss and a plan in case that happens, but we have to take into consideration other marketwide factors that are at play here.

1) When KEYBTC had its first run it was July 2018, Bitcoin had a strong drop after that.

2) For the second wave, it was November 2018, Bitcoin capitulated on that month, so the entire market went down.

3) KEYBTC is not BTTBTC. BitTorrent has more potential and the market is in a different situation right now as it was last year.

4) We are seeing many altcoins do great numbers right now, so BTTBTC shouldn't be any different than any other altcoin on a general perspective, in fact, KEYBTC moving up as well in a few weeks time.

With all of the above said, we still let the market decide what comes next.

We have a falling wedge pattern (bullish) and the retrace is happening on really low volume. So going down on low volume leans more bullish than bearish, yet we have to wait and see how it all develops.

Whatever happens, we remain bullish long term for BitTorrent due to the fact that is linked to TRON and its also a project that has a real working product.

I believe 2019 will be the year when cryptocurrency found is bottom... And once you are at the bottom, the only place left to go is up.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.

Wait... Let me share this message with you before I leave...


You can try and reach happiness with success in your work.

With family and friends, trying to get approval from an outside source.

Joy is something different, is personal, is it something that you build.

Practice expressing your own feelings, sharing, and being true to your own beliefs.

As you meditate and pray on yourself quietly…

That is when you realize that JOY COMES FROM WITHIN.

Comment: BitMEX Trades:

BCHH19 (88% ROE):
XBT (100% ROE):
TRXH19 (93% ROE):
XRPH19 (85% ROE):
ADAH19 (86% ROE) (Trade details for this one remains private):
Comment: Bitcoin going bullish is a positive for BitTorrent.

If the market turns to the bulls side, more money flow for all altcoins, including BTTBTC. Plus higher profits based on the higher Bitcoin value.

Check my latest update here (your support is appreciated):
Comment: We have a bounce from the 23 satoshis support. The main resistance to break to consider an up move is 27 satoshis. A strong close above this level increases the bullish potential.

Between 23-27 we stay with more sideways-consolidation potential.

Good MOONday.

Comment: BTTBTC is now moving... Faster than expected.

Patience is key.
Comment: Buy-in: 23


(1) 27 -Reached 18-Feb. (+17.39%)
(2) 32 -Next target.
(3) 37
(4) 43
(5) 47
(6) 52

Enjoy the profits.

Trade active
Comment: There is a BitTorrent (BTT) competition on Binance starting soon that can make BTTs price drop.

We are aiming for the lower end of our buy-in range (21 satoshis) to our next support (18 satoshis) as support for this upcoming drop.

A break and close below 23 satoshis is the signal that is needed to confirm/start this move. If its price stays above then these signals are invalidated.

Trade active: This trade remains active.

Latest update:
Comment: We are moving to this new thread, please remember to hit like (all updates will be posted there):

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