DAILY SWING CALL // Wednesday 2nd December 2020 / CROMPTON

DAILY SWING CALL // Wednesday 2nd of December 2020 / NSE:CROMPTON

// This is a swing trade call and not an intra-day trade. Please do not expect the stock to go up on the same day of posting or within a few sessions. Please follow the notes along with the posting before, during and after entering the trade //

CMP / LTP: 321.25

TARGET: 370+ (15%)

STOP LOSS: 289 (10 % Max)

DURATION: In 15-20 Trading Sessions Target should be achieved

FOR STANDARD NOTES / DISC: Please refer my earlier posts on
Trade closed: target reached
Comment: CROMPTON Target Hit // Its above LIFE TIME HIGH / Blue sky territory // If you wish to hold in anticipation of more profits you can do so by trailling SL @ 340 so you wont make a loss in this trade

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