Daily Swing Call for Friday 30th October 2020

// This is a swing trade call and not an intra-day trade. Please do not expect the stock to go up on the same day of posting or within a few sessions. Please follow the notes along with the posting before, during and after entering the trade. //

CMP / LTP: 990

TARGET: 1050 (25%+) // 1st Target (Follow me for 2nd Target)

STOP LOSS: 900 (10 % Max)

DURATION: In 15-20 Trading Sessions Target should be achieved


- *IDEAL BUYING RANGE: This is the pricing range if the stock corrects / gaps up after my buy call. If u don't want an aggressive trade, you can wait for a
"possible" (not guaranteed) correction. One can also do a staggered buying (50% on LTP and balance 50% if the stock goes down further 2-3-5%
range). This way the Risk Reward can be improved and profit can be optimised.

- Please follow the Stop Loss strictly (Tolerance of 1% +/- in SL). If you are manually monitoring SL follow them on daily closing basis.
- Recommended Profit Booking / Exit is on +15% on CMP & If you still want to hold the stock, trail the SL once this target is achieved.
- Duration: 15-20 Trading Days is suggested for all my trades and is an indicative period, but if SL / Target are not triggered and you still wish to
hold the trade, this can be done as long as SL is followed or trailed.
- All my reco trades are with Minimum Risk to Reward (RR) 1: 1.5 (Can go upto 2-3 range depending on the market conditions)

Disclosure: I may or may not have a position in this trade.
Disclaimer: All the recommendations are subject to market conditions. Please trade / invest at your own risk.
Trade active: Bounced back from the SL levels.....Good to Enter
Trade closed: target reached
Trade active: FRESH TRADE: CMP: 1127 // TARGET: 1350 // SL: 1025 Duration: 15-20 Sessions