Setups are not as important as you think

Setups are a very small part of what is necessary for a complete trading system, yet people still claim their setup conditions are their systems.
When you see the setups in stock, you have an increased probability that the stock will go up. But it is through position sizing strategies &
managing the ratio of risk to reward throughout the trade that produces great profits in the trade.

DR REDDY: Positional & Swing Pick!!!

Support & Resistance role reversal

Risk Management:
Risk only 2% of your capital
Buy 30% of your position at CMP , and wait for the pullback, if the price respects the level of 5500 execute your 70% position.


Note= Trade with probabilistic mindset, no matter how much analysis you do there is always a 50-50% chance.
Our main objective is to ''Cut your losses short and let your profits run.''
Remember to be profitable you don’t have to be right every time,
you just have to be right big and wrong small.


Good post. Sometimes the best thing to look at is previous support and resistance areas.

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Thanks for the illistration along with position sizing tip.
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Agreed i look for pullback and enter there
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