Ethereum Can Easily Hit $3250 Daily If The Final Upgrade From...

BITSTAMP:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
What is happening with Ethereum ( ETHUSD )?
This chart is looking weak or strong?

Ethereum has been growing massively and this is great news for the entire cryptocurrency markets.

It is great when Bitcoin grows but it is also good to see the Altcoins do great... Feel free to hit LIKE now and let's get to the ETHUSD chart.

Ethereum vs the U.S. Dollar

The resistance is now set at $2750 - $2800; I came here because I saw the potential for a bullish breakout and wanted to let you know.

πŸ“Š Above $2800, ETHUSD can make a quick and strong jump to $3250 or more.

Conditions for change
If the bears jump in and the bullish momentum is lost, support can be found first at EMA10 now sitting at $2560, this would be our main daily support.

If this level breaks, we look for $2150 as the next support (EMA50).

Any trading above EMA10 and we are STRONGLY BULLISH ON ETHUSD .

Remember what I shared in my previous analysis... Bitcoin is very likely to follow Ethereum and hit a new All-Time High, soon!

What's your take?

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