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as I have become accustomed to in recent months and this time my technical analysis had an accuracy rate of over 95% and I will try to continue to keep this percentage as long as possible

As I said last weeks... went up again in the area 1.19500-1.2 from where it went down again!
as you can see on the chart for 1 week, I expect that in the next period the EU will range in the area 1.18500-1.2, following that at the first weekly closing above these values to give the trend of the next period..but, I still bet on SELL until at target 2!
...even if there is a significant withdrawal because EUR is under pressure, I will remain in SELL until my final target .... 1.16 and the perfect formation of the letter M

THIS WEEK...This week I will draw a parallel between the 1 week chart and the 1 month chart because the month has just ended and I would like to know what to expect ...
Exactly as i told you in the last few months the EU has reached my target no. 2 and now i am starting a new analysis for the next period!
Even though on the 1 month chart the EU has closed below the support formed in recent years ( an extremely strong area), I expect an aggressive retreat move to around 1.17 or even higher and after ... I think it will tests for the first time this year area 1.15 ... my final target

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