Energy Web Token (EWT)- Prediction for Bull Run

KUCOIN:EWTUSDT   Energy Web Token / Tether
EWT commonly known as Energy Web Token is the native operational token of the Energy Web (the first open-source, enterprise blockchain platform tailored to the energy sector). So being unique i.e. related to Energy Sector and as the demand for more Renewable Energy tools & applications will increase so as the EWT price.
So, in this chart I have just tried to predict the price of Energy Web token considering its uniqueness and ever rising demand.
Even we take the previous run, its price got approx 450 % increase from ($4.8 to $23.5). Taking from previous high i.e. 23.5 and even taking a 450 % rise, the price prediction will be approx $130.
So, let's see where it will go.
Please #DYOR
Will try to keep bringing such ideas/views/predictions as well as short term trading ideas.