#HINDUNILVR 15m Support & Resistance - 27 Feb 2024

Support and resistance levels are key concepts in technical analysis, a method used to evaluate and forecast price movements in financial markets, particularly in stocks, forex, and commodities. Support level refers to a price level at which a security or asset often finds buying interest, preventing its price from falling further. Traders and investors view support as a psychological or structural level where demand for the asset increases, leading to a potential reversal or a slowdown in price decline.

Conversely, resistance level represents a price point at which a security or asset frequently encounters selling pressure, hindering its upward movement. Resistance is seen as a level where supply increases, potentially causing a reversal or a stall in the upward trend. These levels are crucial in decision-making for traders, providing insights into potential entry and exit points, as well as helping identify trend reversals and price consolidation. Analyzing support and resistance is integral to developing effective trading strategies and risk management plans.

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