IGL Long positional trade setup !Breakout done

Today there is an analysis of IGL indraprastha gas limited.
we can go for a long positional trade by putting s small stop loss.
Buy IGL and go for a longer positional
After watching the full video till end
After confirmation of trend change
After following all the steps told in this video.

This is a bear market phase and this is not the recovery this is the bullish trap .
so please avoid yourself to put the long positional trade at this time without any confirmation.

Please watch this video complete and follow all the steps .
Please do the multi timeframe analysis during these type of phases .

Guys let me know you that i am a trader and a trader have a winning probability of 50-65% no any trader is there who have a winning ratio more than this . Who says you that i am having a 100% winning strategy then F**k these type of people and try to be correct only 50 - 60 % of time which will give you a lot of money if you properly follow the risk reward ratio .

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