INDOCO REMEDIES - Medium Term Study

Chart Structure:
- Broken out All-Time High (of 2015), pulled back, consolidated a bit, and now ready to go up.
- Price in an uptrend since July 2020.

- High volume deliveries this week. Up to 12.41 lac shares were delivered yesterday, whereas average deliveries are 1.23 lacs.
- Yesterday saw the highest delivery of shares in recent times.

Relative Strength:
- Stock become RS+ on 19th April and continuously outperforming Nifty as well as Midcap since then.
- Spread chart breakout happened yesterday.

Financial Highlights:
- Net Revenues saw 29.3% jump in QoQ & 43% YoY.
- PAT increased by 59% QoQ & 130% YoY.
- Co. is continuously increasing its revenues & profits at a medium pace, which tells us the financial health of the company is sound.
- Indoco's Defensive & Enterprises EPS are also been positive throughout the years, which tells us that the company is able to sustain itself without taking any more debts & they are able to monetize their current expenditures for next few years.

About Indoco:
About Indoco Remedies Limited:

Indoco Remedies Ltd., headquartered in Mumbai, is a fully integrated, research-oriented pharma Company with a presence in 55 countries. Indoco , a USD 166 million Company, employs over 6000 people including more than 300 skilled scientists.

The Company has 9 manufacturing facilities, 6 of which are for FDFs and 3 for APIs , supported by a state-of-the-art R&D Centre and a CRO facility. The facilities have been approved by most of the Regulatory Authorities including USFDA and UK-MHRA. Indoco develops and manufactures a wide range of pharmaceutical products for the Indian and international markets. It generates more than 70 million prescriptions annually from over 3,00,000 doctors belonging to various specialties. Indoco has 9 domestic marketing divisions with a strong brand portfolio in various therapeutic segments. Indoco has tie-ups with large generic companies across the globe.