You can figure out what is going on JSWSTEEL with carefully.

You should always have a plan in case the opposite happens since it will happen often.

  • High 3 (this can is attracting buyers/scalpers/chartist attention)
    -> High of the candle is higher than H2, and H2 is higher than H1.
  • Volume is on average as normal.
  • The trading range is tight and high trading activities and price rotation found.
  • We have found a similar candle of H3.
  • Scalper targets might be near 309 and swim traders can think for 318.5-320

The concluded: that 80% by 20% chance to move 309 and 318.5.

I'd like to give a special thank-you to @UnknownUnicorn4466383 who made fundamental research on JSWSTEEL and Technical Triangle on it.