These trades are HIGH RISK, which also translates into HIGH REWARD.

Enjoy the trade.
Trade: LONG LTCH19

Leverage: 20X

Buy In: 0.01222

Time Frame: 4H


(1) 0.01288
(2) 0.01329
(3) 0.01394

Stop Loss: Close 4H candle above 0.01179.

Liq. Price: 0.01083

Profit Potential: 281.4% ROE

Capital Allocation: <6%.

Comment: Edit. Stop loss and liq. price updated.

Stop Loss/Liq. Price: 0.01180
Comment: Remember these BitMEX trades are for more knowledgable/advanced traders.

You set your sell order on target.

Secure your profits and as soon as we hit our first target, raise your stop loss in a way that you always remain in profits.


(1) 0.01288 -Reached 20-Feb. (+108% ROE)
(2) 0.01329 -Next target.
(3) 0.01394

Enjoy the profits.

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Trade active: We are aiming for our second target for 175% ROE (profits.
Trade closed: target reached: Closed in profits. Will wait for a new trade set up.

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