Late night Technical analysis talk - Beautifull Potential trades

Beautifull Potential trades for my followers :)
This is just one view now U have them make good use of setups also some learning points and some good Risk to reward setups have fun and good trading day :)
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Hi I really enjoy your analysis watch all your videos. I have a humble request, if possible, while you are talking abt your analysis,pls don't move the mouse cursor so much. I somehow endup looking at the cursor movement n get dizzy,esp since u upload at night. Check timeframe 50secs into the video u are trying to show the area but the curson movement was so much I actually got a headache and quit watching. It's really a very humble suggestion only cuz I really really enjoy your work and dedication. No hard feelings at all.
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@kap111_11, hahaha funniest comment ever :) jokes apart I will keep that in mind bro stay tuned for more
kap111_11 Averoy_Apoorv_Analysis
@Averoy_Apoorv_Analysis, u the best!!
Do you have pro or premium trading view plan ?
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@Omsai1238, I use trade flyers so no need for an account of that sort but buying the prem plan :) for other things now
@Omsai1238, Now prem :)
nice analysis bro but how do you select stocks is there any screener
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@sagarthange, I have analyzed all the stocks on NSE bro created alerts on some that's my own manual scanner
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hi bro thanks but can u share ur scanning technique......
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