Wyckoff Phases in Practice

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We all know that market moves in Phases. The four most popular phases are –
3️⃣Distribution and

Mr. Wyckoff analyzed these phases further, esp. Accumulation and Distribution, to understand the price behavior for potential opportunities to trade/invest in the market.

In this tutorial I am going to have a brief discussion about Accumulation-sub-phases of the market with the help of an example that I came across today.

Phase A

🚩Starts after a major downtrend.
🚩Begins with a selling climax (SC) - Large down bars with abnormally high volume (see B).
🚩SC is followed by the largest rally in the major downtrend, associated with good buying volume. This Automatic Rally (AR) represents the change in character (ChoC) of the market - buyers taking over.
🚩Market retest the level B with a lower volume (supply) – Secondary Test (see D).

Phase B

🚩Usually the longest phase.
🚩High volume during rallies (eg. E) and lesser during retracements.
🚩Even if volume is high during retracements, price fails to make new lows.
🚩More secondary tests (see F) held at the support zone (B and D).
🚩Market consolidates testing supply and demand with no particular direction – Consolidation.

Phase C

🚩The smallest but most important.
🚩Usually ends with a Spring (not in the above case).
🚩You would see final shakeout of weak buyers. Price dips underneath the support zone (B, D and F) and reverse sharply back above support.
🚩Perhaps the best time enter for those who like to take low risk high probability trades.
🚩In the above case G was just another test of support Zone.

Phase D

🚩You would see swift action in this phase. Wide up bars (with high volume) and small down bars (with low volume).
🚩This also represents the change in character which now differs from the consolidation phase.
🚩ChoC - Notice two blue rectangles and the price action in them.
🚩Price breaks the resistance zone (mostly the high of automatic rally).
🚩It again retests this resistance which now starts acting as support. This is called the Backup action.
🚩This is perhaps the best time for those who like to enter after confirmation.

Phase E

🚀Accumulation is over and a trend is established.

Not all bear markets end with these accumulation-sub-phases. You may often see V-shaped recoveries just like what we experienced after March 2020 lows. But you will surely find some stocks or markets that moved in line with Wyckoff phases.

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📣Disclaimer: The views are personal and theoretical. Apply your own due diligence before making your investment decisions.

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