INFO Edge (NAUKRI): Cup with Handle pattern

INFO Edge ( NAUKRI ): Cup with Handle pattern - Strong trend and strong closing with heavy volume . Buy between 5870 to 5890. Please trade with SL. Trail stop. Remember position sizing. Always respect Risk.

Disclaimer: This idea is posted for educational purposes only. I'm not a SEBI registered advisor. Please consult your certified financial advisor before trading/ investiong.

The trading rules I live by are

1. Cut losses.
2. Ride winners.
3. Keep bets small.
4. Follow the rules without question.
5. Know when to break the rules.

- Ed Seykota
Trade active: Trade's active as per the levels plotted on the chart. Pls follow risk management and manage trade.. Happy trading folks
Comment: Trade going great! in 14 trading sessions made a high of 6932.80 from the buy zone 5870 - 5890 which is 18% jump from buy point as marked on the chart. Risk averse folk can book partial profits and high risk takers can keep trailing SL. Happy trading folks


Focus on the process not on the profit.
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