Nifty - Intraday 10-08-2021

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
🔰Educational Purpose
Date 10-09-2021
In daily candle nifty again creats Doji , Indecisiveness in candle shows market needs clear Breakout for further up or Down move
consolidation lower range shifted down from 16220 to 16180
Now we have 16180 to 16330 range.

🔰 Intraday View:-

Flat Opening(near closing)
If opens flat i sujjest dont buy any Call or Put, Due to RR is not in Favour.
At upper end near 16310-16320 you can take PE with 40 Points strict SL.
At lower level near 16180-16200 buy CE with 30-35 points Strict SL.
(Note - only buy when you clear reversal signals)

Gap up - above 16300
Buy on dip would be suggested 16260 or if any good closing above 16325-16330 is buying opprtunity.

Gap down-
If nifty opens below 16220 level, then wait for atleast 5min candle closing below 16180 then n then only sit in Downside direction.
Tgt 16130 16080

-Put strict SL loss
-Positional view is Upside till we are sustaing above 15950-16000 level.