Nifty- Nation's Blood- Selling The Tops@11,117

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NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Correction - New Blogs can be checked on left top corner as compared to right top corner suggested over the video.

Trading Strategy

Plan A - Buy in 10650-10675 zone with strict stoploss below 10620
Targets - 10780-10800 / Buy Above 10800 for 10890/10925 / Above 10925 for 10985-11,000 & More only above 11,000 levels.

Plan B - You can sell if you see index stopping or halting between 10780-10800 or stops between 10890-10925 or stops between 10985-11,000

Plan C - Sell below 10585 - Should not move above 10625 after falling below 10585 -look for targets 10325-10350 & Below 10300 for 10125-10150.

Thanks for watching this video & your precious time.
Trade active:
11:19 Hrs 18th Feb 2019

Last Price@10649

Day Low@10641

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! We got the 100-120 points drop from day high@10760 - we suggested buying in 10650-10675 in Plan A above

We made 100 points for the day already & turned our position for long / buy - even if 10620 is taken out - effectively we won't lose anything as already made 100 points in the morning fall!

If goes below 10620 - keep an eye to re enter with stops below 10585 but no buy position if goes below 10585.

Trade active:
11:39 Hrs 19th Feb 2019

Last Price@10675

Hope, Most of you are in "Long or Buy" positions as per "Plan -A" mentioned in the update above - strict stop loss was suggested below 10620

Index pushed just above 10620 - Now trading at 10680 - we are looking for 10780-10800 - Keep trailing your stop with some profits.
Trade active:
12:11 Hrs 19th Feb 2019

Last Price@10675

As suggested few minutes back -we look for upside target 10780-10800 -Do not forget the zone of 10750-10760 as it is resistance zone created recently so we will brake our profits into 2 parts
1st part -book in 10750-10760 if it fails to go beyond 10760 highs
2nd part - continue your buy position above 10760 for 10780-10800 zone & follow rest of the trading plan as mentioned above.

Thanks & Enjoy the day!
Trade active:
19:27 Hrs 19th Feb 2019

Last Price@10604

Suggested to book 1st profit in 10750-10760 - now sometimes I feel that market watches all my moves.

Well, that is very subjective topic - big discussion can be done sometimes later.

If you would have trailed your stops & kept moving along with the price you would have gained atleast 80-100 points in the move above 10620 to 10720.

Later, we saw puke (fall) from 10720's to 10585 - look where it stopped - suggested earlier 10585 levels

Now, be careful - we have to change the stops of 10585 -

Trading Plan -20th Feb 2019

Plan A
look for a bounce upside to 10650 -10675 from 10550-10585 zone

Plan B
Wait to sell in 10650-10675 (if stops in that range) for downside target 10550-10565

Plan C
Later Plan to Buy in 10535-10550 with stops below 10500 for upside target 10780-10800
Trade active:
09:56 Hrs 20th Feb 2019

Last Price@10678

Day High@10697

Got the push or upside bounce as expected in Plan A / Also same thing was mentioned in video idea -look to buy holding 10585 lows - Nifty turned exactly from 10585 & made high for the day@10697 -

Next for Risky Traders Only
Keeping Stops above 10700 - we will look for downside move 10620 & below 10620 more on downside.
Trade active:
10:16 Hrs 20th Feb 2019

Last Price@10677

Risky Traders Sell Call As suggested at 10678 - Traders are requested to wait for sometime & take sell trade close to 10700 & stops I shall update once we sell close to 10700 and those who have taken sell in 10675-10680's - Stops -I shall update later.
Trade active:
11:24 Hrs 20th Feb 2019

Last Price@10670

We are still waiting to sell very close to 10700 - as getting one good trade -need lot of patience - so have patience - expecting upside bounce & later we sell.
Trade active:
12:00 Hrs 20th Feb 2019

Last Price@10658

Risky Traders - as we are waiting to sell - we will plan to do 2 trades next

All Risky Calls so if you can afford to lose stops then only do the trade others please watch the show!

Trade 1 - Plan to Buy in 10650-10660 for upside target 10675 - 10700 with stops below 10635

Trade 2 - Plan to Sell later in 10700-10710 - Stops to be updated later for sell call.
Trade active:
13:24 Hrs 20th Feb 2019

Last Price@10679

1st Target reached at 10675 as suggested in the buy call above at 10650--10660

2nd Target is 10700 -so it has to hold above 10675

Later - we plan to sell at the tops 10700-10710 zone.
Trade active:
14:00 Hrs / 20th Feb 2019

Last Price@10687

Recent High@10697

Done All Targets in Buying Suggested at 10650-10660 - 40-50 points

Plan to Sellllllllllllllllll for 10550-10580 zone downside next as suggested earlier part of the day

Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trade active:
18:16 Hrs 20th Feb 2019

Last Price@10735

Let us review the index for the day.

1) As per the video idea - it was suggested that Traders can buy below 10620 close to 10585 - 19th Feb 2019 - Low was 10585
Result - We got gap up move today@20th Feb 2019 - Made High In Morning Session -10697 Almost 80-100 points gain

At Lunch Session - we suggested 2 Trades - First Buy & Second Sell Call

2) First Buy between 10650-10660 for Upside Target 10675 & 10700
Result- Both Targets achieved made close by high -10697 to 10700

Second Sell Call from 10700-10710 - Later suggested sell when it was not able to cross 10700
Result - We got sharp puke (Down Fall) to 10650 - we expected 10550-10580 target zone downside

Risk Management (Very Important)
If you have taken sell in 10690-10700 zone as suggested earlier in 2nd sell call for downside target 10550-10580 - How can you allow the price to go above your entry price which was 10690-10700 - That means you as a trader have been doing something wrong -please check your worry points - in such case where markets turned sharply upside after falling down - you have to keep strict profit stop loss at cost so that you don't lose anything if you have not booked your profits. It is always better that Trader books 50 points in one go in Index that is big move or atleast follow proper trading / risk management to avoid worry situations.

Plan for 21st Feb 2019

Plan A
If Market opens gap up above 10750-10760 zone you can buy for 10800-10825 target zone -make sure it does not fall below 10750 later after crossing above 10760 & not reaching the target zone.

Plan B
If Market Faces Resistance in 10750-10760 zone & Starts Falling Below 10695 then sell close to 10730-10750 with strict stops above 10760 for downside target 10650 - 10620- 10580- 10550.

Trade closed: target reached:
08:01 Hrs 22nd Feb 2019

Last Price@10790

What a nice morning! as I will unwind for next few weeks

Let us review 21st Feb 2019

Plan A & Plan B - Happy Traders
It was bit of mix moves where Plan B worked partial as Nifty got resistance exactly in 10750-10760 zone & had a small fall to 10725 & later Plan A got activated & target of 10800-10825 was done by touching day @10808

Plan for 22nd Feb 2019

Plan A = Please go into main update above as mentioned in Trading Strategy on 17th Feb 2019
" Plan B - You can sell if you see index stopping or halting between 10780-10800 or stops between 10890-10925 or stops between 10985-11,000"

10585 ------------ Extremely Important Level (Double Bottom) as updated several times in video also- if that level, holds magic can bee seen in few months!

Follow Proper Risk Management & Be Happy.

Thanks for all your support. Cheers!

Best Regards,
Abhishek H. Singh
​Growth Director - TradingView India

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