Nifty : Risk/Reward 1:6

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Buy Nifty 12020
Stop-loss 11974
Target 12300 and above.
Risk/Reward 1:6

Target all the way back to new highs.
Just buying the dip with 45 point stop-loss.
Trading with the prevailing trend and I am ready to lose small for higher reward.
Or let it hit the stop-loss and go down further for the sake of NMDC & GAIL . :)
Trade active
Trade closed: stop reached: Trump sending more love to Iran. Now there will be retaliation. So Gap-ups and Gap-downs.

Nifty Stop-loss hit in the opening but waited for 5 min candle to break low. Which didn't broke it. But now exiting the trade at cost 12020.

Which is not a good practice but in the event like this one can try. Not Everytime.

Dabur exited at 550. SL.

Not playing with Stops


Never try to catch a falling knife my friend, rather better approach is to to buy ce and pe of 12000 nifty ... there will surely be a movement of 300-400 points ... you will profit on any side
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Equity-Earningz HunnyKhanna
@HunnyKhanna, Yes, True. It was just a small trade with BTFD psychology. And it's was based on this idea of January 6th.

I was risking it to get in index longs with it's prevailing trend. Because I'm already having a few shorts in stocks, so I was risking a little to add some longs in index with the primary trend. But you are right in times like these options are best because of high volatility.
Equity-Earningz Anoj_Satapathy
@Anoj_Satapathy, yes, But stopped out. :(