Market Cycles – Market Phases and Different Types

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Types of Market Phases

There are 4 clear market phases, and all markets go through these phases in a repeated way:

All markets go through 4 clear phases in a repeated way:

1.Accumulation Phase
This phase occurs after the market has bottomed and early adopters begin to buy, figuring the worst is over. At this phase, valuations are very attractive, and general market sentiment is still bearish. Overall market sentiment begins to switch from negative to neutral.

The end of an accumulation phase is typically marked by a breakout where trade sentiment moves towards neutral and traders start sniffing an opportunity.

2. Mark up Phase
The market has been stable for a while and is beginning to move higher. The early majority are getting on the bandwagon. Traders, seeing the market is putting in higher lows and higher highs, recognize market direction and sentiment have changed.

Markup phase begins with a breakout and tends to continue till there is a major pullback. Markets start trending upwards and more investors jump on the bandwagon as greed and the fear of losing out take over.

3. Distribution Phase
This part of the cycle is identified by a period in which the bullish sentiment of the previous phase turns into a mixed sentiment. Prices can often stay locked in a trading range that can last a few weeks or even months. The distribution phase is a very emotional time for the markets, as investors are gripped by periods of complete fear interspersed with hope and even greed as the market may at times appear to be taking off again.

This phase is marred with consolidations, breakouts and pullbacks at small scales, identifying trends become difficult.

4. Mark-down Phase
The fourth and final phase in the cycle is the most painful for those who still hold positions. Many hang on because their investment has fallen below what they paid for it refusing to let go in the vain hope of being rescued.

Timing the market correctly is the first step to making profits with TA. You would want to build a system that helps identify an entry point when the market is in the ‘mark up’ phase. The system should then also help you also identify when to exit once the asset is moving from the distribution to the ‘mark down’ phase.
This is presentation of market cycle, Nifty may or may not behave like this. My maximum target is 16k to 16.5k. I may be wrong. Kindly do your own analysis also before taking any trade.
According to market valuation calculation current value of our market is same as 2020, 2008 top and everyone knows what happened next.
Due to old data, we made some mistake in calculation. According to new data, which is based on Sensex, New high is around 57775 for Sensex. Nifty High is around 17431. Sorry for wrong calculation.
One calculation is showing Nifty can go above 18581. No one can stop the uptrend till Locals are buying. Kindly do your own analysis also. Thanks.
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