SBIN - 259 - I knocked Your Door!!!

Hello Fellow Traders,

Last price - 269.50 - 11:43 Hrs IST

Good Morning!

Review of last update
Knock - Knock ! 259 - As suggested if holds ( no buy position below 259 ) it came close at 260 & moved twice upside to 269-270 zone. You miss me - I shall come back again

Last Idea - SBIN / Auropharma - Trading with me 21st / 22nd May 2018

Trading Strategy
Plan 1
If I come back again in 260-262 zone & hold above 259 (strict stops below 259) - you could see me flying again to 270- 278-285

Plan 2
Above 272 -for same targets as mentioned upside.

Plan 3
Sell in between 269-271 with strict stops above 272 for targets 265-262 - Continue with plan 1

I am blessed to be part of this wonderful trading community & hope you too have the same feeling.

To be read post market - chai (Tea) ke saath
Last week, it was an amazing experience as I got an opportunity to attend Asia's largest 3 day residential conference - Traders Carnival 2018 & don't have words to express my feeling at this moment.

You can visit Bloomberg quint website & search for videos under tab- "Traders Carnival" to check all eminent speakers.

Something which left goose bumps to wind up the carnival 2018 was punch line used by eminent speaker -Dr . Velumani ( Value Money) "riches to rags story" - "Jo niche baitha hee nahi -woh uppar kaise baithe ga" - Translation - " Those who did not sit down -How they can sit up" & other punch lines - " I became bald (touching his head) because of my father & became bold because of my mother"

It was sheer pleasure to meet such a wonderful soul / personality which shall stay with me till the time I survive.
Thyrocare - Dr . A. Velumani, Promoter, Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Trade active: 14:15 Hrs 28th May 2018

Last price@272.15

As per plan 2 - selling in between 269-271 - 272 was held for 2-3 hours & trapped in 272-270 range finally to take out 272 highs so we can expect 275 -278 but be cautious in buying at higher levels as these are intraday trades as we expect weakness below 270 levels
Trade active: 18:09 Hrs 28th May 2018

Last price@272

As suggested above 272 - we shall look for 275 - went close again as 274 - habitual offender now - leaves some bit to confuse traders.
Next, if you get to sell below 275 - strict stops above 275 - going below 270 - we shall execute as plan -2 stated above.
Comment: 18:12 Hrs 28th May 2018

Pardon - as mentioned above "plan -2" apologies - that plan has been executed for targets mentioned 275 -278
Trade active: 20:29 Hrs 28th May 2018

Last Price@272

Any moves below 270 & sustains below 270 can be early warning for SBI lovers. Any long call only be taken only above 275 & strictly holding above 275(I repeat) - else you will get new Neighbour - Mr. Trouble

Take Care! - Happy Trading Day@29th May 2018
Trade active: 08:57 Hrs 29th May 2018

Last Price@272

Good Morning!

Downside target holding below 275 shall be 270 - 265 - 262 ---- Can expect bounce upside again from 262-265 zone if 259 is holded on downside & later we look again for 270 - 275 - 278.

No buy trades in later part if 259 fails to provide support - Above 275 higher resistance zone could be 278-280

Trade active: 11:27 Hrs 29th May 2018

Last Price@268

Recent Low@267.25

Spending lot of time between 267-268 -looks like searching for support so we book profits in sell taken below 275 & wait outside

Risky traders only to buy with strict stops below 267 spot rate for targets upside -270-274
Trade active: 12:19 Hrs 29th May 2018

Last Price@266.30

Day Low@265.80 - Spot

Lost 1 point as risky trader - we will be little cautious on downside as any further downside objective only below 265 as suggested earlier & we are waiting for reversal sooner or later holding above 265.
Trade active: 14:51 Hrs 29th May 2018

Last price@264.15

Day Low@262.80

Bank Nifty Puked 350 points in whole day from top & No Supports so do SBI - Below 265 - close to 262

Comment: 08:24 Hrs 30th May 2018

Last Price@264

Good Morning!

Below 259 - It will go for a ride - camels ride! SGX Niifty - 74 Points Down
Trade active: 09:18 Hrs 30th May 2018

Last price@261.15

Remember if 259 is holded then it will bounce to 270-275-278 as suggested earlier - it turned from 259.95 - Risk -Reward can be awesome.

We are just losing 1 buck & shall make 10 - 15 -18 bucks upside
Trade active: 11:50 Hrs 30th May 2018

Last Price@263

Nice Support & We got a chance to buy at 260's - Just 1 buck as stop & target 10- 15 - 18 buck -Even Bank Nifty recovered as SBI starts moving upside from 259 -260 zone - Awesome. Cheers!
Trade active: 13:05 Hrs 30th May 2018

Last Price@265

SBIN & Bank Nifty Moving - Last SBIN was at 263 & Bank Nifty was 140-150 points down - Now Bank Nifty is 50 points plusssssssssss.
Trade active: 14:18 Hrs 30th May 2018

Last price@265.25

Now we trail our stops above buying price which was 260 - keep the stops at 261.40 & hold the SBI trade for 270-275-278 targets upside.
Trade active: 15:12 Hrs 30th May 2018

Last Price@267.20

SBIN in action again from 265.25------------ Nice
Trade active: 09:33 Hrs 31st May 2018

Last Price@265

We have our profit stops at 261.40 & holding long position - kindly do not over-trade. holding above 264 as precaution level we have positive bias -if goes below 264 - we will take the profit & wait at sidelines.
Trade active: 10:57 Hrs 31st May 2018

Last Price@265

Hope I made it clear that going below 264 -we book profits but Bank Nifty bouncing above 26400 shall make SBIN positive above 264.
Trade active: 12:03 Hrs 31st May 2018

Last Price@265.75

Slowly & steadily moving upside as Bank Nifty holding above 26400 can be clue for SBIN.
Trade active: 14:57 Hrs 31st May 2018

Last Price@269-270

We book partial profits & buy later above 270 if it moves next
Best Regards,
Abhishek H. Singh, CMT
​Growth Director - TradingView India

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Thanking for posting your trade plan during the market hours. This undoubtedly helps to learn trading to a different level.
@Manmit, We took some risky trades in between -rest I think it is ok - we shall wait for markets to bounce above 265 & hold above 265 levels for moving back into 270-275 -278 levels.
Your presentation for SBIN is impressive, crystal clear. i can reading without reading again and again,
Please keep it . Thank You.
@AMBRISH, Welcome!
sir can we able see your presentation any video recordings has been done of your presententation. .
@premanandh, Unfortunately, my presentation was cancelled due to time shortage but no issues - I got to hear Mr. Velumani - you should see his 2 hours talk & get the goose bumps yourself & International Trainer - Amit Pathak
premanandh AbhishekHSinghCMT
is all your ideas are based on closing price? or on the fly price?
@sairajkumar, Hello Sairaj, What do you mean by "fly price" ?
sairajkumar AbhishekHSinghCMT
@AbhishekHSinghCMT, live price crossing that mark.