Elliott Wave Analysis for South Indian Bank

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Imagine we're reading South Indian Bank's story through a series of waves on a chart – each wave has its own label and meaning.

Looking at the larger picture, we've observed two distinct waves. The first one climbed up and was labeled as Wave (1), while the second one descended and was labeled as Wave (2). Now, a new wave is beginning, labeled as Wave (3). This phase often brings significant changes and momentum.

Zooming in a bit, we spot smaller waves nested within this Wave (3) We've recognized two of these smaller waves – wave 1 and wave 2. The upcoming wave, known as the "Third of the Third," is unfolding and labeled as wave 3. This phase tends to be dynamic and energetic.

Delving even closer, we identify a tiny segment of this wave 3 known as wave (i) and wave (ii). Currently, wave (iii) is likely in progress, showing notable strength.

With all these wave labels in mind, South Indian Bank appears to be a potential candidate for race towards north way, where we anticipate a price can increase, so we can assume this as an Investment pick. However, always remember that trading is not a sure thing. Like life, surprises can happen.

In a nutshell, Elliott Wave analysis helps us understand how the market moves in a certain pattern. South Indian Bank's chart is showing something interesting, and we're excited to see where it goes next.

I am not Sebi registered analyst. My studies are for educational purpose only.
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Most investors treat trading as a hobby because they have a full-time job doing something else.
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If you treat like a hobby, hobbies don't pay, they cost you...!

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I am not sebi registered analyst.
My studies are for educational purpose only.

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