STAY far STAY safe (5)

they are not meant for investment , stay away , stay safe
Comment: @kbmj, lol ...suzlon for long term ...well it can be your personal view ...and as you said it is manipulated script !!!!!! so do you think , manipulated scripts generate money or buisnesses with GOOD FUNDAMENTAL adnd strong growth story generate wealth
Comment: @kbmj, thus i told its your point of view , i dont invest in " kachra"

I WILL like to invest in better ones
Comment: might update one company soon which i like personally!
Comment: when you invest ask yourselve , can you bet your entire capital on this stock !!
Comment: LOOK WHAT HAPPENED FROM 12 TO 7 ,, TOMORROWN ? ! or coming days!?
Comment: the stop is always zero for scrap
Comment: a trading bounce will occur tomorroew or in this week whih may take it to 7 bit a strictly avoid ... invest in better companies and dONt BELIEVE THESE SO CALLED MULTIBAGGERS