Three waves Flat(Sideways) correction is unfolding in real-time.

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Crucially, equality ratio can react as stiff resistance in Ending Diagonal triangle.

  • for wave ((5)) = ((3)) at 517.9 and for,
  • wave ((5)) = ((1)) at 514.95

Key Reversal zone - 511

Flat, a "sideways" correction is completing for wave "X".
Unfold in three waves as ((A)), ((B)) and ((C)) blue generates a 3-3-3 internal signature in real-time analysis often used as an initial go-to "alternate" count.

However, a flat should have 3-3-5 waves therefore, we are looking for the five waves for ((C)). There is nothing wrong if Wave ((C)) to carry above wave ((A)) because wave ((B)) has been below beginning of wave ((A)). In another words, a wave ((C)) can carry 506.4 above.

beauty of Waves and Simplify for counting. A child can also understand if we play with waves.
counting as 12345 for motive phase. Overall trade setup is for short selling.
Always subdivides into three waves, labeled A, B and C.

Wave A is never a triangle.

Wave C is always an impulse wave or a diagonal triangle.

Wave B retraces more than approximately 105 percent of wave A, and wave C terminates beyond the end of wave A.

Stretched in terms of price but not necessarily time.

The length of wave B is sometimes related to the length of wave A by the Fibonacci multiple of 1.236 or 1.382.

The length of wave C is sometimes related to the length of wave A by the Fibonacci multiple of 1.618 or 2.618.

Wave C will often terminate beyond the termination point of wave A by a distance equal to .618 of the length of wave A.
Tatamotors TOP is out?
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We want to trade short 518 nearby and the price made high - 526 (Difference is Rs8 ) and target 480 and 453-0 which is huge difference (almost Rs. 40).

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