Tejas Networks will make you rich

A clear rounding bottom formation and breaking last 2 years highs. Q3 results were excellent ( from Dec 2019 net loss of -112 cr , dec 2020 has shown 9cr profit ). Govt shift towards make in India and a clear NO to chinese Telecom equipment going forward. Expect the order book to grow immensely.

Stock has already given a big big run up. So expect corrections. 147 is the level for the investors to exit. Else keep adding on Dips.. and plz don't rush to buy .. it will give enough chances to correct.
S1 and S2 mentioned on chart should be followed for trading / Swing trading.

Disclaimer:- I have booked over 1 lakh profit in cash already. Entered again on correction.
Trade active: Finally Tejas n/w gave me 200 % returns .....still holding .........and now the news is out -- it is bought by Tata Communications.

Nxt Tgt :- 500