USD.CHF P-Modeling Pt 1. Forex Experimentation in Quantra

Glitch420 Updated   
OANDA:USDCHF   U.S. Dollar / Swiss Franc
Forex Experimentation using Quantum Hyperspace Decoding Protocols.

Medium Range Prediction Modeling
Next up, is USD.CHF
Start March 2019.
End March 2020
Timeframe: 4 Hours.

If one looks closely we can see an another quantum cup with a harmonic handle.
Found Root Linear.
Validated Arc.
Validated shadow seq .
Harmonic layers create TPs.
Awaiting some further confirmation.

I have laid three trade sequences out.
Please see chart for details.
Error Allowance is 12 hours and 30 minutes.

CHF is an odd duck.
USD will still die but unlike the others, this USD pair is long. IMO .
But i am probably wrong here.. Let's see how this plays out..

These are not mistakes.
Find the "we are here" bubble to begin.

Failure is a necessary component of success.

Welcome to the Hyperspace.
Thanks for Pondering the Unknown with Me,
snapshot at the 4 hour.

TP 1 is .996
Trade active:
TP 1 confirmation is imminent.