Stellar Lumens Long-term | Weekly Chart Analysis | Over 800%

BINANCE:XLMBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
Let's take a look at the Stellar Lumens (XLMBTC) chart long-term, on the weekly time frame...

Let's start with the chart pattern, we can see the classic bullish falling wedge .

XLMBTC is breaking pass the "major trendline" in red. Moving above this level would put XLMBTC above resistance and a new trend can start to take form.

So the market moves in cycles... First, we have a downtrend, the uptrend comes next... How long will it last?

  • The RSI printed the same bullish pattern and hit its lowest point ever, oversold... After a strong bounce, it is showing plenty of room left available for growth (green arrow).

  • The MACD also reached its lowest point ever and is now displaying a bullish cross... Plenty of room available for growth (green arrow).

This is the long-term chart for Stellar Lumens (XLMBTC).
You can see the indicators oversold and sending out strong reversal signals... There are over 800% profits potential to XLM ATH on Binance... Surely, this pair will generate so much more gains/growth in the weeks, months and years to come.

What's your take?
Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Comment: If you are looking for short-term analysis, you can find the daily time frame chart below:
Comment: Stellar Lumen vs US Dollar (XLMUSD)

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