Long YESBANK : due to bullish pinbar at 307

Long NSE:YESBANK futures at 313.80 .
my stoploss is 305.. and target 323.80+
.... will trail if it moves in my favor tomorrow.

lets see if history repeates itself or not ;)
Trade closed manually: postion closed at 14.20 ... pattern intact will rollover to march future and update here
Trade active: rolled postion to march future . bought yesbank march future @315.10
Trade active: ohhh... closed at 310.25 (march future) ...but the good thing is still hold the pattern

my stoploss is 305.10 . lets see what happens tomorrow
Comment: march future has made a low of 306.45 and my stop loss was 305.10 :) ...still in trade
Comment: yesterday it collapsed in last 30 min, and today it has moved up in last 30 min with same momentum. Now it closed at 314 .... just 1 point below my buying price.... lets see if it moves in my favor tomorrow or not !
Comment: going good ... still holding ..tomorrow i will trail my stop to cost if it moves above 320
Trade active: Stop loss moved to cost 315.1.

From here it is zero risk trade
Trade active: Stop loss moved to 320.1

5 points profit locked
Trade active: will move my stoploss to 325.10 tomorrow..
Trade active: Sl moved to 325.1 . 10 points profit locked
Trade closed manually: looks like it is rejecting the prices above 330. so i liquidated my position at 326.40.

anyways a nice profit of 11 points ....not bad.

look at the bearish pin bar formed today.... nobody wants it to take above 330.